An important component of Applied Water Treatment Inc.’s testing service is the ability to provide an onsite pilot plant testing service. Applied Water Treatment Inc. owns a self-contained mobile water treatment pilot plant at our Vancouver facility, which has been used for pilot studies at numerous sites. AWT's team has engineered over 20 water treatment facilities using data generated from this size pilot plant. In all instances, the industrial plant has outperformed the pilot plant.

Our pilot plant is sized to treat up to 2.5 litres per minute (0.5 gpm) which provides adequate sludge bed for sufficient sludge recycle and achieve ultimate sludge density in relatively short period of operation (typical 3 to 4 weeks). AWT’s team has used this size pilot plant since 1991 and scaled the industrial plants to manage flows from as low as 30 litres per second (475 gpm) to mid-range flow of 300 litres per second (4750 gpm) to high flows of 1550 litres per second (24,500 gpm).

AWT can also have a larger scale pilot plant constructed in 4-6 weeks if it is absolutely required for other reasons than scale-up engineering and design.